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Ukrainian post search boy your pantyhose

And different than the woman standing next to her?

Post Your Pantyhose

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If you were to write someone a guide to pantyhose for work, what would you say?

What is my age: I'm 24 years old
What is my nationaly: Estonian
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Nothing worse than a nice outfit and tacky white legs. I still love opaques in winter but more blacks, browns, and navy etc.

Is it ok to wear pantyhose??

Textured and black hose is making a come back according to my fashionista 30 year old! Bare legs in summer. I feel off sorts without wearing my favorite pantyhose. They were nice shades, nice texture, nice price, and lasted longer than other types of hosiery. Look at Kate Middleton. Depends on the occasion and dress but generally bare in the summer and hose or tights in the winter. Since my ex-gf she was 10 years olderwas a true passionate, she made me really love it as well.

Forgot to mention.

Confession: i am a pantyhose nerd

It really finishes off a nice outfit. I think the key is to find the right brand and size. I am a true pantyhose lover. My mom had bought me pantyhose when I was figure skating in the cold arenas because they were thin I could move well. She was initially completely not certain if I would also prefer pantyhose, as stockings are considered much more attractive, but step by step she did convince me to have the same preferences. Hello Barbara.

I buy premium brands.

When I taught I wore colored tights to match my outfits. I forgot to mention. Make your legs look so nice. I put my favorite pantyhose on using hosiery gloves too. Like Like.

The guide to pantyhose for work

Bare legs have there place but so does a nice pair of sheer hosiery. When I left teaching, I gave many of the tights to the art teacher for projects.

Wish they would come back into style for grown up ladies. Bare legs just do not look finished to me. Therefore I can just say — yes — if you like it — I can fully understand and do not find them old fashioned. You are commenting using your Twitter. I dont feel properly dressed without my favorite pantyhose. We debated whether they actually manufactured panty hose any more! I love pantyhose. You are commenting using your Google.

They definitely are hot. Not only outside.

The ultimate how to wear pantyhose, stockings and tights guide

The heavy kind that are warm and do not run. They feel soft and sensuous and make my legs look great. This topic came up in some conversation a few days ago. Great blog.

Never in summer time bc they are too much then. And they do make a more polished look imo! Sounds fun! I wear dresses or skirts that come to mid leg. Notify me of new comments via. Everyday 7 days a week. I wear them quite often, nearly everyday to keep my legs warm and they keep my skirts from rubbing my legs and wearing out so quickly.

And I am so relieved…. Notify me of new posts via. I buy a size that fits me well. The proper size too. She wears them! Plus I buy the right size. Menopause brings bravery and a what the hell attitude some of the time.

50 years of pantyhose

And fully prefer while ladies are wearing them instead of bare, pale legs. But then I very rarely wear a dress. I did buy some fleece-lined tights for a business trip to Boston in January a few years ago, but other than that, nope! You are commenting using your Facebook. I absolutely love wearing my favorite pantyhose everyday. I can say that I wear pantyhose with shorts spring till late fall. I live in them. And I think you can wear more comfortable shoes with pants.

What kind of art projects can you do pantyhose them? No hose for me!! I buy Wolfords, CdR, etc. And there are dressy pants outfits if you need to dress up. Yes I am a total pantyhose nerd. You are commenting using your WordPress.

They compliment the legs too. I am also fond of black opaque tights in the winter time — I get cold, even wearing pants — and they look good under skirts or dresses, I think. And they do your some warmth in the winter. I think pantyhose are amazing. I do fully support your pantyhose positive approach.

Love to think of you in those crazy patterns. I really do love black tights. Wearing Hose definitely makes for a more polished look when you are wearing a nice dress or skirt. However, I deal with it by mostly wearing pants—I have never really liked wearing dresses. I rest my case! I dont know why women hate them.

But I do hate them if they are too tight or roll down. Not a nylons girl. But I do think post tights and other colors and patterns are fun and cute in the winter. I loved crazy patterns- stripes, paisleys, whatever to get the kids attention. I just enjoy my pantyhose so much. Obviously they do! Buy a better brand. I dont feel properly dressed without my favorite pantyhose on my legs. Nothing looks more odd to me that a woman wearing a wool coat over a dress but no stockings! Yet I am definitely interested in staying stylish and watching the nerd appeal as I age.