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I look hotwife wife that wants tequila

Before diving in I just wanted to let you know about my private membership where stories like this one exist except they are a lot more filthy and a lot more forbidden. I love being a hotwife, knowing all of these men lust after me and knowing my husband gets off on it is the icing on the cake.

Wife Wants To Be A Hotwife

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for Free! Published 3 years ago.

What is my age: 20
I like: Guy
Sex: Female
Languages: Russian
What is my figure type: My body features is quite slim
Hobbies: Learning foreign languages
I have piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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When either of us has an issue with the other, we tell each other - with the understanding that we love each other and respect each other to speak up without fear of losing something in the relationship. I knew she still liked him and I told her she should try to fix the relationship since it was clearly not over. I have told her numerous times that she does not need to agree with my fantasies or like them or act them out I made this very clear to her before she started even seriously wanting other men.

What it’s like being a real hotwife

We have not lost an once of love between us; in fact, the first time she met someone and decided to "bond" with him for twenty minutes she had me promise that we would die in each other's hands no matter what happened next - I did promise. Regardless if another person is brought into the bedroom or not.

So, no, it does not appeal to me because I strongly believe in monogamy. My sexual preference is to occasionally watch my wife with another man or for her to tell me about it; my wife's sexual preference is to be mostly monogamous, but I would love her just the same if she decided to be completely monogamous with me. To my hotwife and I, sexual satisfaction is about sexual satisfaction and our marriage is about our marriage.

Just my opinion. Blueboy Blueboy sounds as though his Open up and embrace adventure. You can duct tape a broken fan belt but just cause you are getting away with that for a while it doesn't mean that isn't going to just rip apart again someday. We enjoy exploring each other's sexuality whether it involves someone else or not, we're not missing anything in our marriage and nothing was ever broken. But then there are people who do go into a relationship knowing that is how it is going to be.

But for me, there are certain sexual practices where you can ignore the intention of sex to bond to people to each other and you can turn a partner into a device for masturbation or a tool to play out your fantasies. She didn't get back with him and eventually, six months later, we started our relationship when she told me that she wanted us to be more than "friends. Um, hello Sexual Health.

I think it is very common. It not only "works," it's satisfying beyond our wildest expectations - to be honest about our sexual desires and to explore them without judgement.

For : wife wants bbc hotwife

I agree that exploring sexual desire this way is not for everyone, but it is for us. I am a very open minded guy and I have participated in alternative lifestyles with some of my ex-girlfriends. I love my hotwife with the same intensity as the day we first met. I think you see sexual intimacy as a "transaction" rather than a natural experience.

My wife wants to be a hotwife

But I think it says a lot about the person asking the request. How do you women feel about being a "Hot Wife" a shared wife or girlfriend. Xper 6. It's a sexual experience not couple's therapy. You're actually referring to other couples with your statement. I was really offended when she suggested I didn't have to stop when she fell asleep I don't really need her to be actively participating, but I do need her to be awake if I want to finish.

My wife wants to be a hotwife

Most of the time, she prefers to simply keep it a fantasy and teases me with it - which is great. You would agree with someone saying: "I offer you respect, love, loyalty, and a happy life together as long as you PAY me with sexual monogamy.

By your definition, you could not "bond" with a man "properly" unless you're able to have sex.

For those not in the know, a hot wife is a woman who is shared by her husband or boyfriend with other men. Share Facebook. Add Opinion. She loves to feel me between her butt cheeks when we go to bed Though I am fully erect every time this happens, I stop when I feel she's gone to sleep. Also, I'm not "using" my wife to get off any more than you use your partners to get off. You feel that a man needs to be jealous of you talking with another man and that sex is meant for "bonding" and that's great; that's your sexual preference.

We were monogamous for a decade and a half before I even told her about my fantasy It was shocking at first, and it did take a long time for her to even admit she "checked" out other guys after we were together. It doesn't mean something is "broken"; we are not stupid enough to believe that we should do this to "save" our marriage. It turns into that after boredom or a desire to end the relationship sets in.

And as a corollary, unless you have sex with someone you cannot bond with them. To anyone thinking about doing this, I suggest they begin by first questioning how much of their sexuality is about what they "should" do and how much of it is what is actually sexually desirable and satisfying to them.

For : wife wants bbc hotwife

My wife once suggested that it was okay if I "used" her body while she was asleep. It also seems like a lot of people who get into that don't start in that relationship from the start.

We did this when we were monogamous, we do it now, and hopefully one day when we're years old we'll die while doing this one last time. Mostly, that the innate sense of jealousy, possession, and desire for having a partner, is missing.

It doesn't mean its a the car was meant to run that way. I think when another person is brought into a union that is meant to be between two people, even at the approval of both partners, I think it damages the trust and unity that is meant to be there. Show All Show Less.

What it’s like being a real hotwife

Making the person seek out only sexual gratification at the expense of the person they are with. You're assuming that sharing a sexual experience with a third person is equivalent to "bringing someone into a union. That's a promise I will keep, if I can.

Continued Part 3 I hope you understand that writing "I am very open minded" does not mean that you are When it comes to sex, your mind is really closed. I hope you find someone that shares your feelings about monogamy to spend the rest of your life with Remember though, that however "normal" your preference is, it is your preference and does not make it better, more validating, or more "right" than anyone else's sexual preference. I wonder if in a forum such as this one where everyone remains anonymous what would women answer to the question.

If you could have multiple sex partners with your boyfriend or husbands consent and approval would you accept such an arrangement? But either way, just cause something works, doesn't mean it is working properly. Even in the case where there was some resistance, she eventually brought it up and even initiated. It did not stop us from bonding emotionally and intellectually. Particularly swinging and hot wifing.

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I am very open minded about sexual practices and like learning why people get turned on by different things. I look forward to your responses. I never revealed to her what I felt for her at the time, until after a year since we started dating. I don't think that you understand how your view of sex is tied to socialization: traditions, religion, etc. If someone is stupid enough to believe there is ONE thing to do to save a relationship, then "being open-minded" about sex is not for them.

And when she mentioned she had broken up with her boyfriend, I did not jump at the opportunity though I loved her. Continued Part 4 My hotwife and I bonded strongly, long before we saw each other naked. That's another thing, I never TELL my wife to sleep with someone else nor do I deny her my love and affection if she does not "play with others" on occasion.

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When I first met my wife, she was seeing another man. I even lessened our communication because I wanted to give her space to figure out what she wanted. She loves it, she loves waiting until we're really warm and I'm pressing hard against her before she begs me to get inside and fill her up.

Continue Part 5 Good luck on your journey. The fact that our marriage does not depend on strict monogamy, does not mean we are not satisfied sexually or that we want out of our marriage.